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jobs in dubai.com is a very well known agencies in Dubai, I'm surprised at some people posting such nonsense here, ijobs in dubai.com is one of the largest agencies in Dubai, I'm surprised at some people posting such nonsense here, i thought i should add my experience which was pretty good, i applied , and hd to go through interviews with employers, depending on how i handled the interview would determine the outcome, all in all Jobs in dubai did a nice job of getting me interview with several employers, who knows maybe these people are fake posters, a lot of that going around these days, trolls., anyway, iv said my piece who chooses to believe me or not, i down care, thats my experience with jobs in dubai


Product or Service Mentioned: Jobs In Dubai Recruitment.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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This is just to clarify that we are not fake , what you are writing as feedback create more money for them and you are helping them making money through illegitimate way.


yes i also agree they are fair to use, tons of jobs, even high management positions, moving from the USA, i needed a better salary option, so yes i think jobsindubai was fair to me and i suggest they are goodBARY , Wisconsin USA

to Bary #1547538

It is obvious all these positive "success story" reviews were made by the same person. All of them share same style, same punctuation, and are lacking ANY concrete information about the experience.

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