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I got a call from "jobs in Dubai" agent on the month of November 2017 related to 100% job assurance in Dubai. To the avail the service they told me to make payment of $92.00CAD.

Also, they assured me 100% job guarantee or money back after 6 months. They told me they will arrange interviews and will market my CV to get the job.

As per their word I made payment of $92.00CAD and did the registration in "".

Now till then, I did not receive a single email, no phone calls already 5 months over. Phone numbers are not reachable. I don't know what to do. I am very much afraid of this thing.

Here my file no what I got after registration:

File Number: AR-175417

Please suggest me how to get the money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jobs In Dubai Recruitment.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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the money is gone bro.. they are frauds


I was very happy with Jobs in dubai performance, i see good and bad reviews here, i can say the company was fairly good, and my tolerance for their services was very forthcoming, what i can say is their office time scan be more flexible for people who work shits, buy all in all they were good to me with their serviceVikander


we are happy with the service we received from jobs in dubai, i had no issues whatsoever, everyone seems to have a different experience, i had several interviews for job offers, for me the service worked


I would agree with the first original comment, they done the same to me said I would get fully refunded and I still don’t have my money back. This website is a total con and is just scamming people there money. I would love to get my money back also but they don’t respond and I bet I won’t ever see my money.


jobsindubai is one of the larger agencies in Dubai, many people have had good experiences with them, the company has been in Dubai for many years, i cant see why their services would be questioned, i used them, and many of my friends used them with very good results

to Alex momitidos #1442770

I had a bad experience with them as an employer. I posted a job more than 2 weeks ago and it is still pending.

I also sent 3 messages on the contact us page and no reply as well and still pending. Just wanted to share the experience I had with them and personally based on what happened with me, I would believe the first comment more than the second

to Alex momitidos #1493173

I think for some people it may workBut I paid the amt 3 months backStill I didn't get any phone call or mailWat to do ??Pls if u kno someone pls let me kno

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