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Please be aware of Mr. Tony Kortabani.

Origin is Lebanese and holder of Australian passport. This man is cheater. He is looking for a staff for his fake company Mena Vision in freezone(Dubai) which is not exist. And after he is given amazing job offer with good benefits and salary which is fake too like him!!So he already cheated many people, some of them even gave the money to him.

i was waiting for many month's to start a job and he was just acting that there is a problems still and he need to fix a lot of things.

So please don't waist your time if you will meet this person. Dubai Police informed as well about this cheap actor Tony Kortabani who has escaped from Dubai.

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Guys I was after him for 2 full weeks because he took 4000 from me . 4000 was not an amount that i spend 2 full weeks of my life for this peace of *** but because he had cheated cleaners and low end job workers i went after him .

after setting few traps for him finally he came to meet me ( pretended im somebody else ) i got him and same time i called the cops , he ran to his friend office and cops came after explaining them whats the situation they told me they cant enter the office !! i told them i spent 2 weeks of my life finding what you had to find at first but they said if i talk too much they will put me on jail :))) then i went to court paid around 700 AED for the paper work and then somebody from the court called him and asked him if he can come to the court for some explnation ??? !!! are you kidding me ???

hes being wanted since 2011 , you think hes gone show ??? then i found some other victims who told me even more intresting story :)) these guys find tony somewhere and beat him and call the cops when the cops come take these guys to jail and ask tony to go and make a complain and get a hospital report :))))) they try to explain who this peace of *** is but they dont listen and well not surprisngly he never goes back to police office anymore and light bulb !!! he was criminal I know many victims guys and to be honest if you want you can find this person but what you want to do with him ?? beat him you go jail ?

money ?

well his desprate and as of my information hes sending your moneys to his childen since he cant get out of the country . I found his families back in austrilia and lebanon but even they dont care I know one of his best friends office is in Sheikh Zayed road , Al saeed tower 2 i guess and toni goes there usully so if you really want to spend time finding him theres a clue but again its useless since I tried everything and couldnt do anything

HI Guys, i was a victim of this Tony guy earlier this year, he took my money and ran away without paying and same stories as below, and i am currently preparing a legal case against him. any additional support is always helpful, eye witnesses, etc. i have concrete evidence for my case.there is a lot of information that i have discovered about him, and can build a solid case.please email me at dxb181@outlook.com and i can share my contact details for further information.


Hello Guys

Any update of this ******?

Guys, How about a meet up in Dubai?


Hi. Any updates. I just pray that he get caught soon.


Hi, any updates, if this cheater and robber got caught?

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1320409

This *** has cheated so many people, me and my friends husband as well. He is the biggest lier ever.

He has a son also, I feel sorry for the boy.

Good news is, he cannot leave the UAE so eventually he will be in jail. On that day we should all go to the jail and laugh at him in his cell.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1253900

the problem here is that no-one will reveal their identity - guys, if he is doing this to other people, as he will - then we need to be open about who we are so that future 'employees' don't fall for the same trick as we are contactable.

i hope that anyone that see this post will at least message on here. For anyone that sees this, that Toni is about to ***, i am sure he just tells them that this is all the work of one or two haters


Hello, guys, I want to share some updates for this disgusting person. I called this conman from another number because my number is blocked by him already and he blocked another number immediately when getting to know it was me.

I asked him a simple question when I would get my money back, which he stole from me , and he said in a very rude way, "when you shut your mouth". Imagine, he stole my money and destroyed my life with no reason and he says shut your mouth. No, I shall not shut my mouth. I shall spread the word about this conman and may be I shall save someone's life from him.

He uses the situations we are into, and he cheats us. You need a job - he gives you a fake job offer, with the conditions you ask for. He takes your time for nothing. He does not care until he leaves you bared, completely bared.

He does not care if you are a lady or a man, what your living conditions are, and using your kindness he takes from you everything you have. Where there is nothing more to take from you - he disappears, rudely insulting you. I wish I would have never sent him my CV. I had so perfect life before I knew him.

Why the *** did he keep my original passport for more than two months? Where is the visa wtf what he said it was in process? Where is his golden PRO doing his best work? All fake, same as his fake life.

He does not care even what I do with this situation now. Only God knows if I waited more trusting him I would find myself in grave. How many times he made me appointments to come and bring my money back and never came. And I waited for hours, many long hours each day, just sitting exhausted, hungry and desperately crying, because I could not afford even to get basic food for myself, so condition he put me, with no passport, no money and no work.

And I ask why? I do not know why he cannot work in a normal company and earn his own money. Being in such an old age is so shameful to cheat people. His lies are so *** at the end once you catch him on the hand.

He tells nonsense. It is so obvious to have all proves of his lies, to have witnesses, and he keeps telling really *** words to make himself clean. Do not be ridiculous, admit your crime. I shall be so happy if my word can safe at least one person from this horrible robber.

He cannot run forever. I believe, Destiny will return to him everything he did to us, if not him, his kids will suffer, kids of kids, and nothing would be done to prevent it.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1248106

This cheater is like a rabbit, blocking any number you call him, be afraid, cheater, we watch you. Keep blocking numbers, Toni.

So terrible life you have got to run away from anyone whom you cheated. Be precautious, life is short and the city is small. People whom you cheated come to you to look at your false eyes and ask their lives back which you ruined. You already do not know which lie to tell to justify yourself.

You are a fool, Toni. And all Dubai know it.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1245212

How about let all of us meet together to make a decision.

Suggestion of a date and location in Dubai are most welcome.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1244794

Listen, cheater, if you are reading this , I address to you, Tony, I wish you all the painful time to suffer same how you make me suffer when stealing from me the money and my passport, now because of you what you did to me, I face a lot of problems with my bank, I am not able to commit my payments now, and you , cheater, keep enjoying life with my money what you stole from me. And as I see, you keep cheating others same way.

God damned, I wish you to experience this lack of money when you even cannot buy food and to suffer all your rest of your miserable life in poverty and no any one will help you. I hate you.


He is in Dubai! Someone saw him with girl in Jlt yesterday.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1239562

The company he used last time to pretend he was Managing Director there was Efficient Advertising LLC. He is not related to this company to any ways to work with them, he used their name for his fraud actions, printing fake business cards and giving fake job offers.

He is nobody there.

All his actions related to this company were phishing. Guys, just be careful, do not trust any single word of this cheater.

Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation #1237340

I do not believe that the offender will return to me money, but I want him to answer for his bad deeds. A thief and a cheat should be punished.

He comes up with good stories and he has assistants who help him.

I want to look in his false eye. I live in russia and I will be help for polis.

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1243206

How much did you steal from you?

to Anonymous #1243207

I mean how much did he steal from you? sorry for mistyping.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1223106

Another victim here. He interviewed me at DIP on JUN 2014.

He offer me a fake job while I am on visit visa. I paid for his fake employment visa and nothing happen. I lost my money. Any one going to make a legal action to him.

Please inform me too. I am interested to proceed mine.

to Anonymous Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #1226783

Guys, we need to cooperate , he has police cases already but police do not do much. So lives free and happy cheating us.

We should apply a collective complaint because if he cheats so many people it is a fraud already. Lets make a meeting somewhere for all of us victims and see what we can do.

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1228606

I agree with this - his name came up again with a friend of mine..

lets meet. gather together all documents we have from him and go to the police together?

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1237980

lets meet, all of us, I have all the papers confirming he is a thief and a cheater too. And sooner or later he will find himself in jail.

But to make it happen sooner, we should cooperate, lets make a place for a meeting, all of us, guys, who suffered from this harami person. I am ready to file a case against him with a great pleasure.

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